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Sunday, 8 April 2012

easter fun

hey dolls

happy easter! so today is easter sunday and i've had a lovely day with my family so far, so i thought i'd share some pictures of my day. i'm on my new ipad and my computer's broken so i cant edit this or anything, but owell :) i tried putting up a birthday post as it was my birthday in march, but it got deleted and then wouldn't upload, so i'll try and do it soon.
anyway i hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and i'll see you soon!

love ellie.xo

Tuesday, 7 February 2012


Hey dolls
so when i was younger my walls of my bedroom used to be covered in cringey posters of bands, etc. but over the summer i went around Europe with my family, and i thought it would be a nice idea to collect postcards along the way! i didn't really have a purpose for this other than the fact that i wanted to look back at all the different places i'd been. and recently i've filled a wall with all of the cards i bought. it's a bit random but i love how it turned out so i thought i'd share it on here. i've got cards from a variety of landmarks and places, and i plan on doing it if i travel in the future!

love ellie. xo

Sunday, 15 January 2012

my favorite lip products of 2011

Hey dolls
so before 2011 i never ever used to wear lipstick as i wasn't to keen on makeup. but at the the start of last year i come across the rimmel section in boots, and this one lipstick caught my eye. ever since, i've become obsessed with lip products, and i honestly dont think i could now live without some of my favorites.

i think the elf products are my overall favorites. probably because of the price, but i also love their huge colour range. the matte lip pencils are amazing, ive fallen in love with every single colour and they have been a staple throughout 2011. they only cost £3.50 so i ordered more than one! and elf are always having offers on and free posting, so they usually come in even cheaper. i have natural, tea rose and praline.

i also have a few lipsticks from their mineral range, and my favorites are party pink, runway pink and cheerful cherry. these are also £3.50 and i think they're amazing for the price!

when ASOS we're having a huge sale, i ordered a few NARS products. one being a 'velvet gloss lip pencil' in club mix. this is a really dark purpley colour which is really lovely for the winter. this is the only nars lip product i own, so i'll be looking into purchasing more in the future!

i bought 'infrared' from topshop after all the hype on youtube, and it really is a lovely colour which i loved throughout autumn of 2011. topshop lipsticks are £8, which is quite expensive but i think it was worth it as this colour is really different to others that i own.

when i was in paris in the summer, i went into sephora for the first time. i picked up a maniac mat lipstick in mat 07; it's a lovely matte lipstick which has orangey peach tones which was really lovely in the summer, and i love the smell!

at the beginning of 2011 i really loved a rimmel lipstick in spotlight beige. i wore it everyday to school, and couldn't get enough of it. and when i went to repurchase the lipstick, i couldn't find it anywhere and they were sold out online, so i went without it for about 5 months. but recently i found it in my local superdrug so i stocked back up and i still love it :)

I came across the brand sleek in the summer. i love a lot of their products, especially the lipsticks. i own quite a few as they're really reasonably priced. the one pictured is 'bare all' which is a matte lipstick, and it's an everyday peachy-colour. 

pictures are taken and edited on my iPhone, hence why they're not amazing quality! hope you've had an amazing weekend!

love ellie. xo

Sunday, 8 January 2012

oh sunday..

Hey dolls
So it's sunday, and like most other people i just lounge around being boring all day. I basically just jump into my onesie and watch telly, paint my nails and do other uninteresting stuff like homework.
I've watched 4 episodes of pretty little liars.. because i am so addicted and i have recently bought the boxset aha! And i also watched the new series which has started called 'new girl' with Zooey Deschanel; which was actually really good, and i've found an undying love for her.
but yeah this probably isn't interesting so wusindndndjsbyanaksm
i'll try and do more interesting posts like reviews/hauls and so on in the near future, but as for now it's sunday and that is the only thing which is relatively appealing aha-
hope everyone has had a lovely weekend,
love ellie. xo

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Hey dolls
I've recently moved into my sisters old room which is about 3 times as big as my old one, meaning its been alot harder to fill. So for christmas i was chuffed to bits when i recieved the presents from my sister.. she's such a doll.
It's mainly hearts and things to hang on my wall, as i've already got a huge collection and i love them :)
She also made me a sock monkey, as she loves doing anything crafty! All i can say is that it is a.m.a.z.i.n.g.
Her boyfriend also made me a leather notebook, which is lovely as i was in need of one anyway and its so nicely made!
love ellie.xo