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Sunday, 8 April 2012

easter fun

hey dolls

happy easter! so today is easter sunday and i've had a lovely day with my family so far, so i thought i'd share some pictures of my day. i'm on my new ipad and my computer's broken so i cant edit this or anything, but owell :) i tried putting up a birthday post as it was my birthday in march, but it got deleted and then wouldn't upload, so i'll try and do it soon.
anyway i hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and i'll see you soon!

love ellie.xo


  1. Oh my god, I need this cross-bracelet u're wearing on the last photo in my life! It's soooo cool :) and belated happy easter to u too! x

    1. aha i know i love it, i haven't took it off since i bought it! it's from regal rose by the way :) hope you had a lovely easter!x