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Monday, 9 September 2013

New York City

Hi Dolls

In July me and my family jetted off to the city that never sleeps. We had planned it sooo long ago but had to push back the dates to July just gone. So we set off, with high expectations (also knowing it was going to be beyond hot and humid!) but the city was definitely so much more. I can honestly say my trip to THE BIG APPLE was one of the best weeks I've ever had. The jam packed holiday was something I had never experienced before. The super friendly people, the shops, the skyline, the food, (and so much more I could go on forever), I think just amazed me. I had never been to the states before, and I think NYC was a good place to start!  
So the week included lots of shopping, walking, eating, touristy-things and lots of looking up!! I probably spent too much money that I didn't have but my excuse was that I was in New York frrrrreaking City! 
The people were super super nice and I was given more complements that week alone than ever before! 
I'm probably forgetting so much as it was a little over a month ago, however I took over 1000 pictures which is ridiccccccculous, so I may as well share some of my favorite ones :)

               love ellie, 

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